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“Never in the history of the world has an alien ruler granted self-rule to a people on a silver platter.” — Kwame Nkrumah

There is no quick fix or solution to white supremacy. …

In the months following George Floyd’s violent and tragic death, companies — especially nonprofits — have used the social unrest building across the country to initiate projects that more closely examine racial inequality in the workplace. Corporations are now engaging in a new kind of philanthropy — leading the charge…

Text image that says “Ableism is…(a form of) discrimination. The false idea that disabled people are by default, inferior. When in truth disability is just another way for a mind and/or body to be.”

What does it mean to be disabled in a capitalist society? What does it mean to survive in an economic system that requires the ability to work or produce? In a world that hinders or disqualifies my existence, where do I fit as a disabled person?

“Freedom is a constant…



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